The Library is a QUIET Academic Environment. This includes the Study Rooms and Study Cubes. Study rooms and Cubes are NOT SOUNDPROOF! Study Room Cubes do not have ceilings, therefore sound carries even further throughout the library. 

Study rooms are only available to current JWU students, staff, faculty, or JWU Alumni

  • Reservations can be made for group study rooms 6 days in advance using the library’s website.
  • Reservations will expire after 15 minutes if no one from the group claims the room.
  • Reservations are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Students from the same group should not make back-to-back reservations in an effort to monopolize available rooms and keep other groups waiting. Please be considerate of others when booking and realize that we have limited rooms.
  • Please note that the rooms are NOT SOUND PROOF ROOMS. Please use headphones for playing music or videos. Please be mindful of students in other study rooms and the library in general. Sound carries!
  • Do not move additional furniture into study rooms; leave it in the manner in which you found it.

Click here to view the Study Room Policy

PLEASE NOTE: The study room booking system is monitored by the Reference librarians. If there is any misuse of the study rooms or the booking system you will be notified directly. This could result in losing your study room privileges.